A vital part of what we do at Galehi is the organization of cultural, recreational, educational and training activities. In this way, we foster relationships between families, especially when they are most dispersed, and we create meeting opportunities to share common concerns about parenting and support each other.

Every month we carry out different leisure activities and, twice a year, our families spend a weekend together, each time in a different place in Spain.


Homoparental families have existed forever but only a few years ago we have been legally recognized, and we have achieved some equality rights thanks to the modification of existing laws and the enactment of new ones.

The government is the organisms with the capacity to issue or modify such laws, and will only do so when it considers that there is an evident injustice or a social demand to justify these changes.

At Galehi we work to:
  • Communicate to the goverment (state, province or local) our demand for family diversity.
  • Become advisory elements in the drafting of laws that directly or indirectly affect family diversity.
  • Build, promote and strengthen mechanisms and relationships with political, government and opposition representatives.
With the objectives of:
  • Collect the legislative needs of all our families.
  • Eliminate the discriminations regarding the hegemonic model.
  • Get consideration of homoparental families in all forums.


Just as partnering empowers people in the fight for their rights, the partnership that advocates for similar rights makes us stronger and helps us achieve our goals.

Thanks to these contacts we have managed to put freedom of movement for homoparental families on the European political calendar and the homologation of certificates and documents that establish parental and marital relations.

Galehi currently belongs to:

The Spanish Federation of Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bisexual, Intersexual and plus Associations, FELGTBI+, is the LGTB reference in Spain for different governance when it comes to legislating. It represents us at the state level, leaving the regional and local level to the associations.
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Galehi belongs to the Board of Directors of NELFA, Network of European Associations of LGBTIQ Families, made up of thousands of LGBTIQ families from 33 European countries. Thanks to Nelfa we have fluid communication with institutions such as the European Union and the European Parliament.
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COFACE Families Europe is an advisory body to the European Union on child and family legislation. It is made up of a plural network of associations that represent the interests of all families. Through NELFA we managed to be part of COFACE and have a voice before the European Union.
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Red de asociaciones de Familias Homoparentales
Network of associations for single parents
We are working on the constitution of a federation of associations of homoparental families and LGTBI associations with an active group of families. We want to defend the needs of our families, which are sometimes in the background.


Education in family and affective-sexual diversity is a fundamental tool to fight homophobia in society and in educational centers.

At Galehi, we offer these workshops, in collaboration with teachers from all educational levels, to help create a safer space for children and adolescents.

In addition, as an educational center you can be part of the projects we have.